The “No Surprises Act” is designed to provide transparency to patients regarding the cost of their

treatment and to protect patients from being surprised when they receive their medical bills from

out-of-network providers. By requiring out-of-network providers to give patients a Good Faith

Estimate, it allows patients to make informed decisions and understand how much their

healthcare will cost.

When considering mental health care and receiving psychotherapy services in an outpatient

setting, there are numerous factors that make it challenging to accurately estimate how long it

will take for a client to complete their therapeutic treatment and therefore it is often difficult to

provide an accurate estimate of the treatment costs. The length and frequency of treatment, and

therefore the cost of treatment, is largely dependent on a client’s individual goals and individual

choices to continue or discontinue psychotherapy appointments. While I will work to collaborate

with you on your treatment plan and length of treatment, in an outpatient setting the length and

therefore cost of treatment will primarily be determined by you.

My clients can expect that each time they schedule and attend a session they will be asked to pay

my standard fee of $130 unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon before the session. My

clients can also expect to pay their session fee for providing less than 24 hours’ notice for a

cancellation or for not showing for a scheduled appointment.  My clients should never be given a

“surprise bill" from my practice since all fees and fee policies are fully disclosed.

Nevertheless, to the best of my ability, I will provide clients with Good Faith Estimates in a

timely manner.